Spirituality awakening.

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I was born into an orthodox and religious family. To be precise I am a Hindu Brahmin. When I was a child and teenager, I came across a lot of religious rituals and rigid tradition-oriented discipline in our family. Few examples of the rituals in a given are:

  • Being a Teetoler and Non-smoker,
  • Being a VEGETARIAN
  • Lighting sesame oil lamp in an earthen pot,
  • waking up before Dawn hits.
  • Doing Japa ( chanting with prayer beads),
  • Sandhyavandanam Salutation to the goddess of Dawn and dusk ( Sun salutation),
  • Pranayama ( breathing exercise) during puja,
  • Devatha Aradhana ( Conducting…

— Outcomes of consistent awareness in your day-to-day life.

Photo by MarekPiwnicki on Unsplash

I am not a zen master or a mystic to teach you how to focus. I know we are all brainwashed about how important AWARENESS is and we even search and seek several resources like motivational podcasts, memes, books, and videos to always fuel ourselves with positive morale to increase focus/AWARENESS on our Vision/Job so that we can become successful.

The ultimate reward for consistent focus is a successful life.

( Okay, the definition of success might be different for all of us. …

Aham Brahmasmi

Hi! I am Resh. A digital nomad, Investor, UX Designer, Philosopher, Manifestor, Universal energy decoder, Fitness freak and a Single Mom

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